Future YarnKat Gizmo

I was pretty small when I was found by the humans that would foster me. The story I am told is that I was making quite a fuss, probably because I was hungry and I had lost my mom. About a month after the foster humans found me, Kathy and Lee became my purr-ever humans. 

I won Kathy over with my cuteness. Must have been the stubby tail and big ears. Kathy says that the foster humans wanted me to be named Gandolf The Grey. But apparently, I didn’t look like a wizard or a hobbit for that matter. More like a gremlin, so Gizmo is what they would call me. 

The new humans took me home. I had no ideaI that I would have a grown up roommate. We weren’t so sure about each other at first. That big black cat scared me. Remember, I was still very small. After about 6 months, I was big enough to give the old guy a run for the money. But, Baggy didn’t put up with my teenage shenanigans. It was always surprising how he could lay down the law with one swipe of a paw. 

Seriously Gizmo

I miss that guy. I have some big paws to fill. You see, I’m a little neurotic. I have a nervous lick. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the great responsibilities given to me. And I might do a little cleaning meditation, on my leg and belly. 

I didn’t believe it, but Baggy was right. I have grown to love all things yarn. Especially yarn tails. I love them! I could chew them all day. I don’t know why Kathy doesn’t like them. I know if she tried chewing a few, she would love them!

As a YarnKat, I take my duties seriously. From supervision of Kathy’s workspace to the paw of approval quality control. I am never more than arm’s reach away.

You should know that I am a proud owner of several of Kathy’s crochet blankets. From time to time she tries to remove them from my resting spots, but I remind her that I earned those blankets. I tend to remind her of a lot of things like dinner and change the litter. And I love to tell her a story. A bird joke is always good for a laugh, too.

Did I mention I like sushi?