Custom Orders

Baggy, your logistics manager
Baggy, your logistics manager

Did you see something on a blog post that you like but maybe the color wasn’t what you prefered? Or maybe you saw something and now it’s no longer available.

Much of my work is “one off”  preferring to keep each piece unique. Because of that, I am often asked for special or orders.

Currently you may request a special order on the following items:
kids character hats
crochet animals
scarves or fingerless mitts.

The conditions for special or custom orders are:

• Buyer must pay for custom order in advance.
I communicate with the buyer while in the process of making such order, so that customer is assured that their product is being made.
(Baggy here. Sorry, no exceptions. Kathy and I make your order a priority, payment in full guarantees your place at the top of the list.)

• Shipping will be added to the order, to be paid for by the customer.

• Time is needed for custom orders. This usually can be any time from 3-6 weeks for such an order. If there is a delay, customer will be contacted.
Holiday cut off for special orders is generally Thanksgiving.
(Baggy here. Kathy makes all the items you see on this website herself, with her two paws. She’s a one-woman crochet and knit machine!)

• There is a limit of 2 items total for custom orders.