About Kathy

Kathy and Lee, Redondo Beach
Kathy and Lee, Redondo Beach

I learned how to crochet and knit in the mid 1970s. My mom taught me the basics to get me started.

My true obsession did not start until 30 years later when my husband and I moved from inland to the ocean community of Redondo Beach. Nothing like a cold ocean chill to reinvigorate the need to keep warm in the winter –we’re about 1 block from the sand. Out came the knitting needles and crochet hooks that I kept from my childhood to restart what is now my passion: to create functional objects of fiber art.

If memory serves, I got involved in craft fairs and shows around 2007. I think I was at a local yarn shop when I met a couple ladies who liked a scarf I was wearing. They said I should sell them (scarves) at craft fairs. I had no idea what they were talking about, so onto the internet I went and found a show that was still taking applications. At that show, I only had scarves, hats and afghans. Almost 10 years later my craft has exploded from 3 products to over 20 different categories to date. And now I am adding designer to crafter, creating patterns to sell on top of finished products.

In addition to craft fairs and designing patterns, my wares are also in a consignment shop in Laguna Beach.

Between my balls of yarn and needles is my best fur buddy, Baggy. He’s got an opinion about everything, but mostly he’s looking for a warm lap or treat.