Christmas in July? The year half over, WOW

Here it is, half year over and Christmas in July movies on TV. Oh how Lee is one happy guy. Hallmark Channel should pay Lee for his viewership for these movies two months out of the year. I think he has watched all those holiday movies, but who’s counting. I can’t forget my brother, who is also an avid Hallmark movie fan. (wink wink)

Christmas projects always seem to get started in July. No reasoning for that. I have no idea, but I have been gearing up for potential sales, and the arts & crafts fairs are starting up again.

I have been working on some crochet custom orders for my favorite grocery clerk, Suzy, and I have consigned with a friend who has some of my crochet animals for her website.

Not only crochet and knitting, but sewing too. Working in a fabric store when I moved to So Cal back in 1983! I sewed many clothes that were on display in the shop.

About 10 years ago, I wanted to sew pet beds. My machine continued to work, but suddenly it stopped working. No more sewing for me, at least for a few years. Ever since covid it, my sewing has perked up. I think last year, I personally sewed over 500 facemasks.

So along with crochet projects, I have been sewing fun, easy, quick sewing projects for a potential (cross my fingers) Christmas craft fair in October. Preparing for the show, not having to do anything except pack the car the night before the show.

Finding sewing project s to use up leftover facemask materials was not an easy task. The internet is flowing with ideas, but looking for quick projects, I was able to find a great website. HelloSewing has great projects that a beginner can do. Most are quick, take little fabric, have video instruction and print friendly pattern pieces.

You can find items for purchase at my etsy page, with more to be added. Something for everyone like wallets, coasters, market bags, crochet animals, patterns, even yarn.

Gizmo: what are you doing? I’m supervising my human in creating this Christmas in July blogpost

Kathy Bartholomew


    1. Thank You, Gizmo is a work horse. No time to play with him in charge. Let’s have a great upcoming holiday season and sell, sell, sell.

  1. ♥️ Gizmo is keeping you very busy 🐾🐾🐾🐾 Thank you yarnKat for sharing friend, information and you being apart of my fiber artist circle🤗

    1. Thank You for our continued friendship. Yes, Gizmo keeps me quite busy. 🙂

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