Hard Drive Crashed, My Computer Life Slowed Down

Your hard drive has crashed. Those words are not what we want to see happen to us. Well it did for me, and the past month has been chaotic to say the least.

Over a month ago, my old Dell laptop decided it wanted to take a break from me. As I attempted to open Google, it stopped. Google would not load. Reboot, retry, nothing. Not good.

The laptop was 5 years old, it had my life in it, pictures, memories, my life. Remember back in the day, the phrase, “don’t forget to back up your hard drive?”

Scary thoughts ran through my head…

My sister told me about the business she found that helped her recover her data. It’s called $300 Data Recovery. That price tag was actually the price of the data recovery of my hard drive. My sister, my lifesaver, donated that amount for me to get my data recovered.

Very thorough, informative, emails were sent to me. Its kinda scary to think that I may have lost everything I had on that hard drive. The hardest part was how long it would take, and if they could recover anything at all.

To remove the hard drive, Lee followed the instructions, he proceeded to take apart my old laptop. With eyeglass screwdriver, he removed over 15 screws that held the laptop together. I, jokingly, asked if he will be able to put the old laptop together.

One thing I had going for me was that any picture I took and uploaded to my laptop, did not use a lot of memory. At least my pictures were small, but there were a lot of pictures. All of my blog posts, photos associated with them, my designed patterns, all were on the laptop.

Several weeks passed, a donor drive was ordered, and the process of retrieving my data from the damaged hard drive began. Most importantly, almost all of my data has been recovered, 99.58%

To sum it up, the data recovered, the external hard drive returned to me. I have my life back and am ready to get back to work.

Happy Thanksgiving.

gobble, gobble

Kathy Bartholomew