Rolling Along Infinity Scarf Pattern


Rolling Along Infinity Scarf pattern, a quick crochet pattern for those that want something made quickly or for that last minute gifting.



Why not try a fun, easy to crochet scarf pattern made with 1 cake of Premier Yarns Sweet Roll yarn. This scarf has blocks of color to complement any outfit. The pattern is a 1 row repeat, so it is easy to memorize.

Depending on your gauge when you crochet the scarf pattern, you may find that the color change happens near the end of the row. I decided I wanted the blocks of color to be cohesive, I cut the yarn near the end of the row before the next color change, and then continued with the next color block.

If you do not want to lose any yarn, just continue to crochet until you are almost out of yarn. I recommend to end the scarf with either a row of single crochet, or a row of slip stitch. Make sure you end the scarf the way you started it, by keeping the stitches as loose or tight. In other words, match up the width of the beginning row with the end row. The scarf pattern is recommended for any crocheter that can single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch and chain.


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