Summer’s Ready Crossbody Bag Pattern


Summer’s Ready Crossbody Bag Pattern


A trip down memory lane brought me back to this bag. I knit a bag similar to the crossbody, but I never wrote a pattern for it. While at the mall,  there was a mannequin with a bag over its shoulder, and brought back memories of my bag. Summer’s Ready crochet bag was in the works.

The bag is double stranded, 2 yarns held together to crochet the Summer’s Ready Bag. Using a larger crochet hook to allow for both strands, makes working the bag quick and easy. This pattern is easily customizable based on how big or small to crochet it. Cotton yarn is an excellent material to crochet purses, totes, crossbody bags. The fabric holds it shape.

Half double crochet stitch for added texture, add long fringe and a shoulder strap complete the bag. Imagine the color combinations you apply to the bag. Use remnant yarns, one color, rainbow of colors, or even variegated yarn mixed with solid color.

Throw a book or a tablet in the bag, take to the beach, for a walk in the park, visiting with friends, this bag can go anywhere you want it to go. The possibilites are endless. The Summer’s Ready bag is ready for you to crochet.

When the bag gets dirty, toss it in a mesh laundry bag, then wash, does not matter the temperature, with like colors, leave in laundry bag and place into dryer with a dryer sheet, dry on normal heat. It may look smaller, but the cotton allows for stretch, put it over your shoulder.